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12 Week Primal Experience Health Package

Primal Experience Health Program

Primal Experience Health Coaching is your personal Paleo and Keto Coaching, using your goals and your lifestyle. It brings depth and a new understanding of how your daily actions and choices create and enhance a vibrant life across the full span of your years.
Enjoy – Move – Eat Well – Live Fearlessly

Review and Acupuncture Treatment

Coupon for $45 off

$45 OFF! When your acupuncture treatment follows your last treatment within 2 weeks, you receive $45 discount on the full treatment price of $120.00.

Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking Cessation

This program is intended to make the very difficult withdrawal from cigarettes possible with lessing the initial cravings using frequent treatments ans supporting remedies. Smokers are often surprised at the ease of restoring sleep, smell, and taste, among other natural abilities.